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Tixati v2.73 re-scans the (large) torrents after each start

by Guest on 2020/05/02 05:04:21 PM    
I have a few large torrents (70~550 Gigs) which have finished downloading and been seeding for over a week. There are many files within each of these torrents.  Every time I restart Tixati after a routine maintenance on my Windows 10 box, it re-scans these torrents which take quite a long time.

I've tried to stop seeding the torrents 10-15 minutes before exiting Tixati, hoping to prevent a re-scan after launch, but that has not helped.

My hard drive is getting thrashed badly upon restart.  Is there a setting I should use to prevent this behavior?  


p.s. This was originally posted as an issue with Tixati v2.72.  I just installed v2.73 and see the same issue. :(

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