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Feature Request - IP Filter enhancements

by Guest on 2020/05/02 10:49:18 AM    
Hi Tixati Devs,

My request is for IP Filter enhancements please,

[1] In the IP Filter castle Icon (Shown only when active) Can we drill down to see which Download Entry has matched a particular IP in the filter list? IE one Tixati log window per matching download.

[2] Can Tixati log any of this to an optional external text log file that persists after reboots/restarting Tixati.

[3] In any download (transfers window) find the tab "EVENT LOG" which contains black and white text. Can the IP that violated my IP Filter show up here, but in RED text

[4] With item no.3 above the EVENT LOG default debug level is 3. It might need an option to "Auto Up" this EVENT LOG debug level to 5, once a IP Filter matches, so there is something to investigate?

[5] Would it be possible to right hand click a dodgy PEER and it would add this to the IP Filter for 14 days by default? (I know you can right-click > "IGNORE") but this is ad-hoc, not a managed method.

[6] Tixati may have to split the IP FILTER into 2 sections, PERMANENT and TIME LIMITED. Where time limited ones can be added by item.5 above like ADD PEER to BLOCK for 14 days (adjustable default)

[7] Can we also log PEERS:DOWNLOAD_HASH,CLIENT_ID,IP,PORT,(TCP/UDP) which persist in sending BAD DATA or PEERS performing other abnormal or disruptive behavior. (Flooding etc)

Thanks this would be awesome...

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