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Running is not just seeding

by Guest on 2020/05/01 05:39:54 PM    
When filtering uplads i see
Offline, standby and running
i don't know the difference between the first 2 because running is showing also not active seeding.

To me it should be
Offline=show torrent paused,stopped,error,etc
Standby=active seeding but not active transfer.
Running=torrent currently running
by notaLamer on 2020/05/06 10:11:15 AM    
This is exactly how it works. And 'standby' means not active per definition, you seem to think from a standpoint of a file downloader, the bittorrent technology isn't a simple downloader!

Offline=error, etc or a 99% paused/stopped torrent
Complete - Offline=100% torrent: paused, stopped ...
Standby Seed=100% torrent, ready to be seeded, but not enough seeding slots (will be rotated)
Seeding=Currently active/uploading
Downloading=Currently active/downloading in progress
Queued=Not enough download slots, waiting in queue

If you want to show all active torrents: CTRL+Left click on these categories: Standby Seed+Seeding+Downloading. It will show torrents from all three.
by Guest on 2020/05/09 01:47:36 PM    
but tixati need also filters too see running torrents ( i don't need to see active, but running)

queued torrents doesn't not exist for my use because i set everything to constant seeding

it's useful to have a filter for each type of torrent status

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