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Feature Request - Tixati search EXT drives for files

by Guest on 2020/05/01 03:29:00 PM    
Hi Tixati and folks,

I found an old hard disk with tons of downloads on from years ago. Some of these could do with reseeding!

Is it possible for Tixati to scan external USB drives to see if any files are present that can be used to complete unseeded downloads IE in my Tixati queue?
I am sure all these files are hashed so can Tixati scan my drive "USBHDD1" and keep a list of hashes, then I can unplug it.

If I ever hit a download that says HEY, one of the file hashes here matches one on your external drive, Tixati could say plug "USBHDD1" back in a moment...

Just an idea because it would take months to do this manual pairing up work I guess?

Anyone have any suggestions about reseeding older stuff?

Hope everyone is well. Thanks for the hard work on Tixati development.

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