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2.72 Tixati - Stalled Downloads will not rotate / Download Speed

by Guest on 2020/05/01 04:09:50 PM    
Firstly just want to say I really love Tixati and I hope to solve these issues somehow. My torrent machine is Win7.

I added 100+ downloads to my queue, most of these are very old so I know they might not even download or very slowly at 1KB/s. This is understood and fine. I know what I am doing.
Most I am just adding by the BASE16 hash. But some I add are extremely popular magnet links and will definitely have seeding.

However Tixati 2.72 sits on the idle downloads and never rotates these downloads, like a pack of cards it should put the top one (stalled one) to the back of the deck for later.
But this does not happen on any Tixati versions from 2.5x to current 2.72 (not for me anyway)

So leaving it 3 days, it does not download ANYTHING (No file bytes) as these unseeded downloads jam up the download slots forever, when there are super popular ones down the queue waiting.
Tixati does not manage these slots despite the manage downloads box being ticked.

The only way to start my 100 downloads is to go to the settings and use 100 download slots, OR I manually stop big blocks of the unseeded downloads.

UPLOADS on the other hand, are being shuffled around PERFECTLY as expected, this is detailed in the HOME screen logs, Tixati tells me which UPLOADS were rotated LIVE->QUEUED and QUEUED->LIVE.


Upload Bandwidth is managed PERFECTLY, with the upload graph 100% obeying my upload speed limit. This is impressive in action.

However, Download Bandwidth does not work at all, enabling this button reduces 50 Megabit speed down to Kiliobits. Untick this button, it shoots back up to 50 Megabits.
This button is more like a stop button for me! I am sure this is a bug in Tixati. I have defaulted the settings here but no difference.

All my problems are with download management and download bandwidth control, Because seeding and uploading bandwidth control work absolutely PERFECTLY.
On SEEDED uploads the bandwidth control is so fantastic, the graph is so precisely managed. However Download control just KILLS Tixati like I am back on a dialup modem. Is this a bug?

Also my Tixati 2.72 does not seem to obey the desired/designated download upload maximum slots if this was set to 5+5 then (reuse slots) means 10 uploads?
Well mine has 40+ uploads/downloads in operation. Where are these extra slots coming from if my settings are strict?

Hope somebody can help because I really like using Tixati. Some of the other features are absolutely fantastic. Thank you very much to the authors. The features are amazing.

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