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2.72.   No way to add own address in move to location

by Guest on 2020/04/26 12:52:27 AM    
there is no way to ovewrride the save to location with out the default pick box appearing. In fact anywhere!
My network in windows 10 responds very very slowly to network searching.   In Tixati there is no way to override the pick box that appears for move after downloading. I see the path but cant manually type in the address, which i know. So very very frustrating guys.  
Maybe most people use this but i would like to manually cut and paste the address of the move to location directly into the addess selection bar.  Otherwise this is a very frustrating problem.

I have tried all options to browse, select etc. I dont want to create a new folder but use an existing folder on a storage device on the network. As it stands there seems to be no way to do this.


by notaLamer on 2020/04/26 11:37:24 PM    
Did you try out the Settings > Behavior > Transfer loading priority/location prompt "Configure"? On the bottom right in that window you will see "Location and MOC controls" I think that's what you want to customize :)
by ZarkBit on 2020/04/27 05:26:39 AM    
This has been asked multiple times, including myself, it is so useful.....
by Guest on 2020/04/29 05:48:32 PM    
Have asked for this several times...

They should use the Windows Common Dialog that lets you do everything.
by Guest on 2020/04/30 10:28:57 AM    
Did you look in Settings > Behavior > Transfer loading priority/location prompt "Configure"?

From there you can set it to 'editable full paths'. then you can type in whatever path you want.

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