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Outgoing Limit went from 500Kb down to 1.6Kb

by Guest on 2020/04/23 05:41:03 PM    
Hello all,

I have a download speed of 73.41Mbps and Upload speed of 5.62Mbps and set my B/s IN to 1500 and my B/s OUT to 500.  This was going fine until it started to slow down to 1.6Kb/s OUT.  Could it be the torrent itself, my internet, or some other setting I have not thought of?

Thank you for the help.
by notaLamer on 2020/04/25 07:23:10 AM    
Could it be the torrent itself, my internet, or some other setting I have not thought of?
- Yes.
I advise you to try something like PicoTorrent to rule out Tixati try some well seeded torrent (Ubuntu or Debian ISO). Currently there's a high chance of your ISP restricing Bittorrent traffic because they oversold ('overselling') their lines beyond capacity and all users online at the same time = overloaded infrastructure.
by Guest on 2020/05/01 08:28:08 PM    
Please can you retest this by adding more popular downloads and with the Download Bandwidth limit button switched on, then again with it off and kindly post your experience?

On my Tixati all the way up to v2.73 the Upload control is perfectly tuned (to nearest 1Kb) BUT the Download Limit button set to say 4000 reduces downloading experience to dial-up 7Kb/s internet speeds.

If I turn Download limit back OFF the speed goes as fast as my connection allows but sometimes drowns out other devices like video calling.
If I turn Download limit back ON, then Tixati loses 99% of the bandwidth to dial up modem speeds. VERY noticeable on the bandwidth graph.

Would be interesting to know of this happens to you too? It always thought this was a bug with Tixati?

Many thanks

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