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Auto-Select Files Size Condition

by Guest on 2020/04/22 01:25:30 PM    
I want ask to please add a condition to auto-Select files settings, a condition based on size. Because some movies consumers download only "forced" subtitles, many movies releases use as file name, but not all releases, some haven't "forced" word, so how Tixati can recognize this subtitle as forced using a rule like * With a size condition. So is possible add a rule to "Always Select" using (size:<30K)*.srt and Tixati can auto-select forced subtitles even without "forced" word. If somebody say why you don't use a rule *.srt? Because this rule auto-select all subtitles, not only forced, when the  movie is dual audio.
by Guest on 2020/04/27 05:17:56 PM    

In my country I have this issue frequently too, and I can't use here the awesome auto-select feature, as said above *.srt rule won't work when is dual audio, a size condition would be fine, examples of this issue, when forced subtitle haven't forced text

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Example when *.srt rule won't work well

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Sorry, my bad english,

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