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Several improvements/fixes

by Guest on 2020/04/20 05:04:12 AM    
If user tries to save a file bigger than the max supported by the filesystem, instead of saying there is not enough space on disk, say the system's limitations.

v2.72 displays filesize not correctly. Eg 25 100 000 000 B is displayed as 25.1GB, instead of 23.37GB.

Check if torrent's size fits into a disk's free space. Dont start allocating and then say that theres no disk space.
by Pete on 2020/04/20 11:58:30 AM    
You can change the units used in Settings > User Interface > Output Formatting. Try the binary prefixes, those with "i".
by Guest on 2020/05/04 04:51:21 AM    
Change this blue color on progress field please, very dark!

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