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Searching for torrents already present in the list.

by 70471118055 on 2020/04/05 02:24:03 AM    
I have a huge amount (well over 300) of torrents in my tixati at the present and I have difficulty finding them. Is there a way to search the list or sort the list of all torrents (not just the ones currently downloading)? If not could you please push this feature in the upcoming updates? I'm sure this will be appreciated by many of your users. Also if possible when I add a duplicate torrent could you make it go the original torrent.

Thank you.
by Pete on 2020/04/07 01:28:26 PM    
On the Transfers tab use Layout button. You can enable Sortable View there (sortable columns) and you can enable the Text Filter that you can use to search for torrents.
by Guest on 2021/01/07 03:54:57 AM    
I second this.

Sure you can search manually once you switch the layout to Sortable View, but a simple right click Search would be most useful.

Some people like to keep finished torrents in their list so they don't dupe download, I am one of these people, and would love the search option from right click to be included.

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