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Anti-Leecher List or Client-Peer Blacklist

by Guest on 2020/03/29 08:51:54 PM    
This blacklist auto block/ban the follow leecher clients: Xunlei, QQ, Baidu, Xfplay, DLBT and Cacao, this blacklist was ported to Tixati from qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition a Anti-Leecher client.


Settings => Peers => Client Filter => Client ID => Never Allow:



Settings => Peers => Client Filter => Peer ID => Never Allow:



Original blacklist source code:

Note: Offline downloader isn't possible to block with Tixati

(admin please keep this important link)
by Guest on 2021/06/05 06:58:44 AM    
I found a page with (incomplete) list of peer_id
You can add ones suggested by other blacklist.

    '7T' - aTorrent for Android
    'AB' - AnyEvent::BitTorrent
    'AG' - Ares
    'A~' - Ares
    'AR' - Arctic
    'AV' - Avicora
    'AT' - Artemis
    'AX' - BitPump
    'AZ' - Azureus
    'BB' - BitBuddy
    'BC' - BitComet
    'BE' - Baretorrent
    'BF' - Bitflu
    'BG' - BTG (uses Rasterbar libtorrent)
    'BL' - BitCometLite (uses 6 digit version number)
    'BL' - BitBlinder
    'BP' - BitTorrent Pro (Azureus + spyware)
    'BR' - BitRocket
    'BS' - BTSlave
    'BT' - mainline BitTorrent (versions >= 7.9)
    'BT' - BBtor
    'Bt' - Bt
    'BW' - BitWombat
    'BX' - ~Bittorrent X
    'CD' - Enhanced CTorrent
    'CT' - CTorrent
    'DE' - DelugeTorrent
    'DP' - Propagate Data Client
    'EB' - EBit
    'ES' - electric sheep
    'FC' - FileCroc
    'FD' - Free Download Manager (versions >= 5.1.12)
    'FT' - FoxTorrent
    'FX' - Freebox BitTorrent
    'GS' - GSTorrent
    'HK' - Hekate
    'HL' - Halite
    'HM' - hMule (uses Rasterbar libtorrent)
    'HN' - Hydranode
    'IL' - iLivid
    'JS' - client
    'JT' - JavaTorrent
    'KG' - KGet
    'KT' - KTorrent
    'LC' - LeechCraft
    'LH' - LH-ABC
    'LP' - Lphant
    'LT' - libtorrent
    'lt' - libTorrent
    'LW' - LimeWire
    'MK' - Meerkat
    'MO' - MonoTorrent
    'MP' - MooPolice
    'MR' - Miro
    'MT' - MoonlightTorrent
    'NB' - Net::BitTorrent
    'NX' - Net Transport
    'OS' - OneSwarm
    'OT' - OmegaTorrent
    'PB' - Protocol::BitTorrent
    'PD' - Pando
    'PI' - PicoTorrent
    'PT' - PHPTracker
    'qB' - qBittorrent
    'QD' - QQDownload
    'QT' - Qt 4 Torrent example
    'RT' - Retriever
    'RZ' - RezTorrent
    'S~' - Shareaza alpha/beta
    'SB' - ~Swiftbit
    'SD' - Thunder (aka XùnLéi)
    'SM' - SoMud
    'SP' - BitSpirit
    'SS' - SwarmScope
    'ST' - SymTorrent
    'st' - sharktorrent
    'SZ' - Shareaza
    'TB' - Torch
    'TE' - terasaur Seed Bank
    'TL' - Tribler (versions >= 6.1.0)
    'TN' - TorrentDotNET
    'TR' - Transmission
    'TS' - Torrentstorm
    'TT' - TuoTu
    'UL' - uLeecher!
    'UM' - µTorrent for Mac
    'UT' - µTorrent
    'VG' - Vagaa
    'WD' - WebTorrent Desktop
    'WT' - BitLet
    'WW' - WebTorrent
    'WY' - FireTorrent
    'XF' - Xfplay
    'XL' - Xunlei
    'XS' - XSwifter
    'XT' - XanTorrent
    'XX' - Xtorrent
    'ZT' - ZipTorrent

To use filter see guide here
by Guest on 2021/06/07 04:39:29 AM    
Be considerate when you apply those blacklists. If you have more than enough upload spare - why not allow them?
I didn't so I had to block Xunlei. But before I didn't differentiate. Haven't seen other clients yet. Xunlei is easy to spot because it doesn't report its progress/pieces.
by Guest on 2021/06/07 05:45:46 PM    
I support to block this clients (of the first post) even with idle upload bandwidth, because if you block you enforce this users to use a honest client, if have so many honest options why you need to use Xunlei? Is your choice, you want be leecher, so you do not access all seeds.
by Guest on 2021/06/19 09:55:37 PM    
Everybody gangsta until they live in China.
if you block you enforce this users to use a honest client
Or you enforce those users to use a honest client and get them jailed, separated from their children for 2 years because of seeding back Winnie the Pooh.
by Guest on 2021/06/20 06:03:34 PM    
China allow download Winnie the Pooh and not allow upload Winnie the Pooh? :D Is funny to me, and I see many chinese users with honest clients often. Chineses need proxies anyway, to download or upload, and to use Facebook and Youtube, and to read New York Times. Don't make sense to me allow these leechers, and I have chinese friends with honest clients.

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