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Download starts, then stops, then starts, then stops etc...

by Guest on 2014/04/13 02:26:48 PM    
I downloaded Tixati today, because I was fed up with Utorrent.
My first three torrents were great, but now it does something really weird:
The download starts fine, and reaches really high speeds, but then the B/s IN just drops to 0, even if I'm not doing anything else. It just stops spontaneously... (Searching DHT.../Downloading).
But then it also starts again spontaneously, downloads for a few seconds, and then stops again for a few minutes, then stops, then starts etc.

Any idea what the problem can be?

Thanks very much in advance!
by Sailor24 on 2014/04/14 07:52:23 PM    
Need more info to figure this out. Is it only one file it does this with? how many seeds and peers for that file? Have you properly limited your upload speed?
by Guest on 2020/02/15 03:05:01 AM    
I experience the same issue. My Tixati stop suddenly (like its a crash /freezing), then after few seconds it become normal again but the download rate start from zero again, and then it freeze again for a couple of seconds ... it continue acting like that ... what happen? how to fix this?

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