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Peers Status

by Guest on 2020/03/21 11:39:06 AM    
I now know that
RI=Remote Interested
RC=Remote Choking
LI=Local Interested
LC=Local Choking

Now that I know the buzzwords, I could use an explanation of what these actually mean when they are RED and GREEN

What is their affect on a download?

by Guest on 2020/05/15 09:41:59 AM    
by Guest on 2020/05/18 12:05:22 AM    
If you hover over the peer status the tooltip with the explanation of what you pointed out will appear. Example: Remote Interested, Local not choking. This is green+green.
Bittorrent is much like a polite conversation protocol: "I see you have this, I'd like to have some of this, please. I can indeed have it? Thanks" - this phrase encompasses: piece availability, local interested, remote not choking, piece confirmation.

These statuses have little relevance unless you want to debug things or control transfers using very crude manual methods.

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