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offline rotating slowest connections

by JayVanDo on 2020/03/20 11:27:42 AM    

I've been using tixati for over 10 years and for me it's the best one out there for linux boxes. Big big thanks for that Kevin (unless wikipedia ''  is wrong).

Recently I've noticed, that when there are more (or even plenty) seeds and leeches available, the peer giving me the most (and often the fastest) gets rotated off for a leecher or peer who's giving me fuck all ("offline rotating slowest connections", "Seed Cycle ?"). Could it be that the wrong index in the peer array get's popped?

I don't know how this is calculated. I would like the decision on whether to rotate off a peer to take into consideration the following criteria:

- bytes in (total amount). If a peer has contributed a large percent (or more than any other peer) of the total downloaded size, give it some leeway and not disconnect it for an unknown quantity. If the connection is dead, it will be replaced by another peer via another process (I guess).

- bytes in (total amount). Given the size of most files (and I think we all most use it to download media files, or iso's that are usually over 100mb) any peer that has not reached 2 mb (or x%) in 3 minutes can be disconnected, especially seeds. The cost of the connection (slot) is not worth it's gain.

Maybe a sort of sandbox for new connections is an option, and only if the new connection exceeds the speed of the slowest connection it will be accepted and traded for the slow one.

I'm not a C++ programmer so I can't give you an example, I'm hoping you can (and will).

Anyhow, with or without this, I'll keep using Tixati

Thanks again for this gr8 tool.

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