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Where can I find old versions of tixati

by Raging_Flames on 2020/03/17 06:44:49 PM    
I need version 2.65 for my private tracker since they don't allow any other version. It was hard enough to get them to approve this client, so I'll take what I can get. Where can I find the older versions?
by Raging_Flames on 2020/03/18 01:18:01 AM    
Thank you!
by Guest on 2023/05/16 04:38:28 AM    
Needed here as well, for the same reason.
Links above are dead.
by notaLamer on 2023/05/19 03:54:29 PM    
Join a few Tixati channels and use built-in search. In any case make sure to verify your downloads with "gpg --verify" or find a trusted place that published the hash checksums for the original files.
by Guest on 2023/05/19 07:35:53 PM    
Literally spoof your user agent, otherwise Tixati is unusable on private trackers.

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