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v2.71 New feature introduces new problem

by Guest on 2020/03/09 10:54:35 AM    
Please add a way in the options to choose if +tail is enabled in sequential. I always had it set to aggressive but with head and tail off because this guarantees the entire file won't be allocated. Now since tail is forced on this forces full allocations in my virtual environments, force allocating hundreds of gigs that will never be used since it collects rare pieces and not entire files.

Please add back a way to set which head or tail is allocated, this was key to my previous system. Absolutely love the new version but cannot use it until the sequential allocation is fixed.
by Guest on 2020/03/09 04:12:32 PM    
I can't play any video in my player using just sequential without tail, what your player?
by ghotrix on 2020/03/11 10:57:03 AM    
the latest version just broke sequential download for me, even if I select it Tixati download it as usual
by Guest on 2020/03/11 02:33:39 PM    
Have some users saying about issues with the new sequential method, is simple:

The NEW method work so:

1- Sequential is automatically and ever AGGRESSIVE.

2- Sequential ever download Front and Back pieces automatically, now is just one thing, this is the perfect implementation, anyone use Front and Back without sequential, why do it? Sequential is for watch before downloading end, like a streaming. And I dont know any main stream media player which play a incomplete mp4 or mkv sequential file without tail part (front and back), so Sequential without Front and Back is useless. Why keep it separately?

3- Now have a threshold in the settings to sequential work, by default is minimum 3 seeds, ghotrix maybe your problem is it. Remember which even if you set to download in sequential mode, if seeds is below the threshold, Tixati don't use sequential. Just set threshold as you want! I recomend keep default value.

Please after post some issue please, observe the behavior of the software, read the manuals, and open the settings. The new sequential is impressive!
by Guest on 2020/03/13 10:53:56 AM    
I never have a problem watching a video with only FRONT. Maybe you need a player upgrade. I watch mkv without problems.

I changed the SEQUENTIAL Threshold in Settings to 0.

If I want SEQUENTIAL, I want SEQUENTIAL. Dont need Tixati to think for me.


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