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Any plans to add global max number of connections setting?

by Shajirr on 2020/03/07 03:55:59 PM    
All other torrent clients have max number of connections limit. Except Tixati.

When transferring from uTorrent, upon adding all my torrents, my internet started constantly crashing due to excessive number of connections.
The only viable solution I found that allows me to keep high download speed is just to never seed almost anything, and keep the number of torrents to a minimum.

In other cleints I can set global number of connections to soemthing like 150 and be safe.

In Tixati however, my options are the following for 100 torrents:
1) Set 50 max peers per download/upload. Now I have 50*100 torrents = 5000 max connections. My internet connection dies.
2) Set 2 max peers per torrent, for 200 max connections. Now the upload/download speed per torrent is a joke.
3) Set 50 max peers per download/upload, set max 3 download slots, something like 2-3 upload slots. Don't seed the remaining 97 torrents.

Will there ever be a global (not per torrent) max number of connections setting implemented? Or maybe its there and I somehow missed it?
by Guest on 2020/03/08 11:29:51 AM    
by Pete on 2020/03/10 05:43:58 PM    
I think there should be global maximum connections limit. This option isn't available in Tixati. It won't solve your issue completely but should help.

With 100 torrents and 150 maximum connections you will be uploading like in 2). At average there will be 1.5 connection for each torrent - not a good idea. Fortunately Tixati can prioritize upload bandwidth for downloads (that means upload for the means of trading when downloading). You can set this in: Bandwidth View > Advanced > Outgoing Seeding/Trading %, however default setting is OK.

For now I suggest to set different number of connections for downloads and uploads. Try setting 50 connections for downloads and 20 for uploads. Configure slots accordingly so you won't get too many connections at the same time. The rest of transfers will wait in a queue. I would also recommend to use automatic slot management (Settings > General > Auto-manage slots).
by Guest on 2020/03/10 06:14:04 PM    
Pete have reason!
by Shajirr on 2020/03/14 08:29:09 PM    
The thing is - in other clients peers will be distributed automatically as needed. I don't have to worry about upload slots or peer limits per torrent there.

Even with auto slot management, most of the torrents will not be seeded at all. They will be inactive.
Or if all are active then 20 peers for uploads * 100 torrents = 2000 max connections.
So while downloading will work fine, uploading will not.

Bandwidth is not an issue, so its prioritisation doesn't really relate to the problem with the number of connections.

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