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Can't find "download front and back first" option in v2.71

by Guest on 2020/03/07 05:47:46 AM    
Can't find "download front and back first" option in v2.71.
by janet on 2020/03/07 11:05:58 AM    
In tixati v2.69 the options for sequential file download and head + tail download were combined under sequential.
by Guest on 2020/03/08 09:58:59 AM    
Limiting the options for users is not good.

I don't care about back.

I need the "Sequential Agressive".
by Uto on 2020/03/18 10:47:37 AM    
I also would like this option back. Sequential is bad for the swarm and all I need is the option of being able to check, if the video file is worth it. For that mpc needs the first and last file, vlc at least the first file (but with bad quality and a lot fo skimming). Anyway: please re-add this option.

Cheers and thx for all the work!
by Guest on 2020/03/18 10:00:32 PM    
since sequential and head and tail are combined, if you select sequential it will also get the head and tail.
by Guest on 2020/03/19 01:34:41 PM    
I like the new combined Seq+HT, to me it's perfect, very few use this features separately. But, a solution can be add a new global default setting to limit sequential up to X%, so users which want just preview the video can set this to something like 5%, after 5% download back to random mode, and it can work much better to this users than use just HT as in the past, can give a true preview, users which want and like streaming the movie, can set it to 70-100%.
by Guest on 2020/03/20 01:05:43 PM    
If people chose Sequential, it should do Sequential.

If people do F+B, it should do F+B.

They should be separate as they were for YEARS until a few started whining about a couple of clicks.
by Guest on 2020/03/20 09:37:34 PM    
The combo sequential with head tail and sequential ordered download matched files is a DREAM man!!!!!!

The best improvements of all time!!!!!

by Guest on 2020/04/13 07:59:34 AM    
how would I set up a h+t option by default? I don't need sequential dl. on a multiple file torrent and not h+t you might have 1 completed file instead of 2 not completed if the only seeder disconnect. I'm on v2.72
by Guest on 2020/11/21 05:59:14 PM    
Just chipping in. I understand that for some people having these options separate was pointless, but personally as someone with a really slow connection, it was really useful to be able to download a .mkv file and be able to start from the beginning without needing to download the end of it. A few times when downloading .mp4 files I had to check both options because it required the end to be able to play it, but I find it odd for this software out of all of them to limit options that way.
In any case it's a free software with mostly unpaid developers so we can only complain so much.
by Guest on 2020/11/23 08:09:03 AM    
Just make a new Auto Sequential Preset to just download "front and back" in Tixati settings, now you can even set the size of both parts.
by Pete on 2020/11/23 11:40:43 AM    
These options aren't separate anymore but you can configure the tail amount. Go to Settings > Transfers > Files > Sequential download options > Configure. Try lowering "File tail MB" and "File tail percent". On top of that you can create presets for sequential downloading, so you can set custom separate head and tail presets to your liking. I doubt any other software allows that.
by Enertion on 2021/02/19 12:01:56 PM    
Is it possible to configure a sequential preset to do no sequential downloading, only HT+, and can be applied after a file has started downloading? I want to be able to scrub through mp4 files that aren't 100% downloaded. This worked fine on older versions of Tixati via the aggressive head and tail first option; now it's hit or miss whether you can play partially downloaded files. Sequential downloading means you can only play the first part of the file, which defeats the point. This is the only reason I have ever considered downgrading Tixati.
by Guest on 2021/02/19 08:40:45 PM    
Tixati developers not updated documentation yet, but is very simple:

Create a preset using all default settings, or as you want, in Progress limit percent put something like 3%, Tixati can download sequentially up to 3%, this 3 is the header, after 3% Tixati continue download no sequentially, put in the preset name HT or as you want. Now with new advanced sequential presets you can even put 10% as header (Progress limit), and can have a perfect preview of the beginning of the video, to look at quality etc.

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