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Repeatable crash when pasting into main window

by Guest on 2020/03/07 04:34:16 AM    
I run tixati 2.71 (although this has been happening last few versions) on an ubuntu 18.04 vm which I remotely access via vnc, anydesk or nomachine.

to make tixati crash I can do this:
1: copy a magnet link into clipboard
2: open remote desktop
3: press ctrl+v inside the transfers window of Tixati
4: it will immediately crash

crash report uploaded on my cloud: (removed by Mod and sent to Devs)
to make it work as intended just swap the first 2 steps:
1: first open remote desktop
2: then copy magnet link into clipboard
3: press ctrl+v inside Tixati's transfer window
4: magnet link correctly loads

It would appear that remote desktop sessions are starting with "blank" clipboard or something to that effect.

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