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Question about Unpnp

by tipitao on 2020/03/05 03:57:32 AM    
Hi, i want to know if on Tixiati config Unpn must be activate to best perfoance and if this opion in router is secure.


Ps Sorry for my enghish
by Guest on 2020/03/06 02:15:30 AM    
Most (if not all) modern routers support UPnP. Your router most likely does have it enabled by default. I recommend manual port forwarding without UPnP. But it's okay to use it if you can't or don't want to manually port forward. The next step would be to check if your ISP uses carrier grade NAT (CGNAT). You can check this by doing a traceroute to an IPv4 address. If you see an address from as your second hop(or possibly third hop), your ISP uses CGNAT. Another way to check is to call your ISP and ask if they use CGNAT. If they do, then UPnP and manual port forwarding from your home router won't work. If you absolutely must have Tixati's port open and reachable, the next best solution would be to use a VPN that supports port forwarding or to get a seedbox.

If you can't port forward, you can still use Tixati.

1) enable UPnP on your router and Tixati if not already enabled (ISP must not be using CGNAT. There are websites that let you check for open ports. Enter Tixati's port number and test it.)

2) Use a VPN that supports port forwarding  (Your ISP uses CGNAT)

3) Use a seedbox

4) Do nothing. (Usable but not recommended unless you can't do any of the listed solutions)

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