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feature suggestion: seeding modes (low priority)

by Guest on 2020/03/03 05:50:12 PM    
Round robin: rotates the peers that are unchoked when seeding. This distributes the upload bandwidth uniformly and fairly. It minimizes the ability for a peer to download everything without redistributing it.

Fastest upload: unchokes the peers we can send to the fastest. This might be a bit more reliable in utilizing all available capacity.

Anti-leech: prioritizes peers who have just started or are just about to finish the download. The intention is to force peers in the middle of the download to trade with each other.

An example of this can be found in libtorrent / qBitTorrent. If this feature gets added, I would appreciate it if there is both a global and per torrent option. I don't consider this to be a high priority or a necessary feature but it would be nice to see this.

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