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Why is Tixati re-checking all my transfers when restarting the c

by Guest on 2020/03/03 01:25:08 PM    
hi there,

i'm been a while now since i discovered Tixati, i really really love the way this client does torrenting differently. I like the colors, dark background, the way it handles seeding and downloading locations differently, linked to categories or not... there are many little things that i discover every day, and think, hmm this is really a neat way of doing things. Kudos, really.

However after maybe 2 years of starting, downloading new stuff, adding existing torrents in, and then seeing how my flow (i keep everything i download and seed it as long as my NAS can store it) is going to be different in terms of file system management, going back to BiglyBT (on a Mac no less) add all the torrents downloaded in Tixati back in BiglyBT (over 5000 now) and feeling like I'm not giving Tixati a fair chance.

So now 2 months ago i've made up my mind: i'm going to switch to a new bigger NAS, move all existing transfers over to Tixati and deprecate the use of any other client i may have running in the house. at the moment i'm at around 1000 transfers running on a i7 3770, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Win 10 pro PC and i noticed everytime i restart (which has only happened twice, once to upgrade to v2.67 and second time because if forgot to extent the windows auto-update) it start re-hashing, or re-checking if you will, 80% of my transfers!

And this morning (which is why i'm typing this post) it crashed when i imported yet another previously download transfer while something else was downloading at full speed (i've capped my downstream to 20Mb/s), application no longer responding, please restart. oh crap!

i lost the last 2 imported transfers which were easily restored but then still 80% or so completely rechecking.
and all the file are on slower NAS volumes...

Even worse, now 10 hours later, back from work in noticed, the re-checking got stuck and still 75% need to be recheck - so not much seeding going on here :(

so 2 questions:
1. where can i turn off that recheck on restart - or why is it even doing that, no other client i've used is doing such extensive rechecking
2. i would like a new category be added: which allows me to see an overview of all the transfers that are checking or to be checking (as only 1 check per file system can happen concurrently) - call it 'Checking' or something.
OR, if i cannot have that, make the sorting of the progress bar so that when sorting on that column at least i get to see the Checking and Waiting to check all underneath each-other. at least it would allow me to spot if one is stuck again.


did i mention i like your app? :)
by Guest on 2020/03/04 01:10:17 PM    
In the meantime i figured out why the re-hashing/re-checking is stopped after a certain time.  Due to some previous experience with Tixati on another PC i'm now backing up my config every 12 hours on a schedule (at noon and at midnight). Yesterday night i literally so the re-checking begin stopped and newly added transfers where still 'initializing...' i thought that perhaps it had something to do with that scheduled backup.
And yes, i disabled the schedules and then restarted the checking and later this afternoon it had finished rechecking and was not stopped by the config backup.

On the reason why the re-checking (am about to install 2.71 from 2.69 so i will test my theory) i think it has something to do with i do with the transfer AFTER i finished downloading it.

for new transfers I start them on the internal SSD, which then get transferred to the NAS volume on finish (move on complete) configured via a custom category. i keep downloads per year not type of download)
however i discovered that some downloads use the same folders as other and Tixati knows how to deal with that, but many other clients don't, so i started using a schema of my own to rename the torrent folders, and thus the names in the UI as well, as Tixati currenlty doesn't allow me to just rename the display or download folder name separately (and i don't need it, as i really want the original folder name to change).
Sometimes that move triggers a re-check automatically right after the move, sometimes it doesn't

however with already completed transfers i first import the torrent, let it recheck using the original name as dictated by the torrent file, then move on complete and then change the name. all those transfers get rechecked when i restart the app.

so maybe it's actually normal, but in my case it's taking more than 24 hours for 1000 transfers ranging in size between 3GB en 60GB...

Anyway still happy with my choice of moving everything into Tixati...

if only i had an API (get torrents list would be a good start :) )

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