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File Too Large again and again...

by hikikomori on 2020/03/01 12:44:07 PM    
Several times in several torrents I had to delete files and entire folders and download them again, since tixati generated this error.
in linux console: diff oldfile reloadedfile = differ.

You have to manually search and delete this file in order to try to download it, but in this case the next file often also appears with the same error.

Request for developers:
[ ] in this error also immediately check all files in the tirrent? inconvenient to delete them one at a time.
[ ] add the ability to delete AND reload individual files in the tirrent. This will greatly facilitate life.
[ ] Let the tixati itself offer after an unsuccessful force check (but do not start automatically) reload problematic files.
[ ] Add ignore varian for this error, for example, some players may write additional tags or counters to listen mp3 files, I would not want to leave the torrent because of this. It is wrong to stop the whole torrent because of one file!
by TX007 on 2023/02/24 05:55:04 PM    
Not a perfect solution, but somehow a workaround for Windows users:

1- Download and install TeraCopy. (XXCopy (not to be confused with XCopy) is another good option to use from command line)

2- Assuming both old and new torrent have the same principal folder name MegaCollection (just an example name) in their respective metadata,

start with renaming the folder which contains files from the old torrent by adding a number/letter at the end. For example: MegaCollection

becomes MegaCollection1.

3- Disconnect your computer from internet.

4- Add the new torrent to Tixati, select the files you want to download, then click on Start. The goal here is not downloading really, but

only allocating the files (make sure you have either sparse (default) or fast allocate enabled for File allocation, because full pre-write is

not practical here)
5- Stop the new torrent when the allocation is over (it should not take more than few seconds).

6- Use TeraCopy to move all the content of MegaCollection (new torrent) to MegaCollection1

7- When you get this notification Destination file Already Exists click on More options, applicable to all files, then click on Replace all files if size is different

8- Move all the content of Megacollection1 to MegaCollection

9- When you get again Destination file Already Exists click this time on Overwrite all.

10- Force recheck the new torrent....

-This method only deletes files from the old torrent that have conflicting names with other files from the new one, and at the time they have different sizes compared with their equivalents from the new torrent.
-If the conflicting files from the new torrent are either larger or equal in size compared with their equivalents in name from the old torrent, you don't need to go through all the previous steps. just add the new torrent and let it recheck the old files as usual.

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