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Version 2.67 Missing User Interface Icons and System Tray(fixed)

by Guest on 2020/02/27 01:58:53 PM    
After updating to 2.67 user interface icons and system tray icon disappeared. How do I bring them back?
by Guest on 2020/02/28 08:01:26 AM    
What OS?

If you install version 2.66 does it work properly?
by Guest on 2020/02/28 10:54:36 AM    
Win 7 64-bit. Version 2.66 and older versions crash due to a recent Microsoft update...
by janet on 2020/03/02 06:16:38 PM    
Tixati v2.69 is available and has fixed the problem with icon display issues on some Windows 7 systems caused by bad Windows updates.
by Guest on 2020/03/03 04:46:04 AM    
It does work! Thank You!

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