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tixati tries to connect to self in peerlist

by Guest on 2020/02/22 10:26:58 AM    
the software attempts to connect to a peer which is the same as self on the peer list. it doesnt succeed but possibly wastes bandwidth in this endeavor. Is this a bug?
by Guest on 2020/03/03 11:49:37 PM    
I've also seen that happen. You can ignore it. I have Tixati bound to my VPN interface's IP (a private address w NAT + port forwarding). It knows not to connect to itself on the private address but does try the VPN server's public IP.
by Guest on 2020/03/04 05:26:46 PM    
no... its NOT a bug... you can safely ignore this activity... LOL ... close your eyes when you see tixati connects to self... or switch to other window on your desktop... so that... other window on your desktop... will completely cover tixati... LOL ...

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