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Suggestion of selection

by Edgarchik on 2020/02/19 06:35:13 PM    
I want suggest to implement shiftclick selection/deselection checkboxes of downloading files in transfers.
very annoying to manual-sinlge doing it.

as well id like to see automatic updates like in google chrome - would be super top feature (because manual super annoying too xD)
maybe make option checkbox for masochists who want to do it manually
by Pete on 2020/02/20 02:11:52 PM    
You don't need the checkboxes. Select files with Shift/Ctrl click, then right click > Priority > Off.
by Edgarchik on 2020/02/20 05:03:31 PM    
Thank you, seems like im dumb.
Anyway please make autoupdate function, developer-senpai ^_^

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