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**** Tixati v2.67 is Now Available! ****      📌    🔒  

by janet on 2020/02/13 12:07:09 AM    
February 12, 2020

Tixati version 2.67 is now available. This release contains important fixes and improvements:

- new client filtering feature available from Settings > Transfers > Peers
- peers can be ignored by wildcard matching against client-ID and/or peer-ID
- fixed startup crash and icon-rendering problems caused by a recent Windows 7 update
- tooltip on peer Client column also shows peer-ID
- fixed problems with chart history clear option
- better display update synchronization in Bandwidth view
- numerous RSS/Atom feed compatibility improvements
- updated IP-Location tables

Another release with more fixes and improvements will be ready very soon.

Thanks for using Tixati!

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