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tracker error: Proxy host not found (49665)

by ubiu on 2020/02/12 10:59:39 AM    
OS : Linux Debian 10(Buster)
Version of Tixita : 2.66

so im a new user of Tixati

im using Socks5 Proxy (Ipvanish)

and don't understand why sometimes the software will work and sometimes not at all

so because im using a socks5 i must turn off DHT and UDP but it seems kinda complicated for tixati to deal with that or at least sometimes it will sometimes not at all

*** 02/12/2020 ***
[04:51:27 PM]  starting Tixati v2.66
[04:51:27 PM]  loading settings
[04:51:27 PM]  loading core objects
[04:51:27 PM]  loading transfer > RandomTorrentTitle.mkv
[04:51:27 PM]  starting > RandomTorrentTitle.mkv
[04:51:27 PM]  loading transfer > TorrentFolder
[04:51:27 PM]  starting > TorrentFolder
[04:51:28 PM]  loading interface
[04:51:29 PM]  startup complete
[04:51:29 PM]  listening on tcp:
[04:51:29 PM]  listening on udp:
[04:51:29 PM]  listening on tcp:[::]:8999
[04:51:29 PM]  listening on udp:[::]:8999
[04:51:29 PM]  downloading initiated > RandomTorrentTitle.mkv
[04:51:29 PM]  downloading initiated > TorrentFolder

*** 02/12/2020 ***
[04:51:27 PM]  loading transfer
[04:51:27 PM]  info-hash set to AB4....A97
[04:51:27 PM]  peer-id set to TIX0266-4a...6i
[04:51:27 PM]  starting
[04:51:29 PM]  downloading initiated
[04:51:30 PM]  tracker announcing [started] > RandomTrackerName/announce
[04:51:38 PM]  tracker stopped > RandomTrackerName/announce
[04:51:38 PM]  tracker error: Proxy host not found (49665) > RandomTrackerName/announce

and yet some minutes ago it was working then i stopped em (my torrents) when i start em again i was seeing the connections in the Downloading bar but proxy wasn't able to reach
by ubiu on 2020/02/13 02:52:42 AM    

So i got it to work by simply :

and by checking in Settings/Proxy/"Use proxy to resolve names"

I had no idea what this checkbox was meaning looks like im all good sorry for that one

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