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Since 2.62 magnet links sometimes severely crash Win 8.1 64-bit

by TixPerson1 on 2020/02/12 08:07:39 AM    
I've been using Tixati for years and I am not a noob. Something about magnet links changed in 2.62 and all version up to 2.66 sometimes cause a crash.

Even the changelog in 2.62 mentions "magnet" multiple times.

Every time a new Tixati version comes out, I try it, but revert to 2.61-1 when a new version still crashes.

2.61-1 does not have the problem.

Here's what happens:
Maybe 1-10% of the time when I click on a magnet link (using Google Chrome), a Windows crash screen pops up for like 1 second and says "Windows needs to restart" or something like that. Often my PC will make a weird crashing sound and then immediately reboot. It's bad because the reboot can't be stopped and it happens fast, so you lose all open work/windows.

I've seen the problem trigger from 2 different sites:

sites removed by Mod and sent to Devs.

My PC is rock solid and pretty much never crashes except for this.

Just trying to help. I want to use new versions of Tixati but I have to keep going back to 2.61-1 until this stops happening. Thanks

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