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Is it possible to enable Seed and Peer columns?

by ookakka25 on 2020/02/01 05:12:10 AM    
I've looked everywhere, but can't seem to find an option to enable these columns. Every single client out there has them, an example from qBittorrent:
by xprog on 2020/02/02 08:42:52 AM    
I don't see them specifically. The layout button, then select columns list all your options. I think status is the closest thing. Which lists the status, seeds and peers in one column.
by ookakka25 on 2020/02/03 11:52:16 PM    
Thanks, I already had Status enabled but would like for seeds/peers to have their own columns. I hope this gets added in the future, it seems like pretty barebones features to me.

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