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Stop or remove download when VPN drops out?

by dc2257 on 2020/01/30 08:06:05 PM    
I might be soon dropped by my ISP AT&T due to copyright infringement. I subscribed to Express VPN over a month ago, but I just received another warning- #7. The only thing I can think is when my computer is idle for a long while, my internet and VPN connection drops out and it's possible my download is detected then? I don't know.
I thought maybe there is a Tixati connection option that would help.
Does anyone know?
by xprog on 2020/01/31 01:09:25 AM    
Go into Settings, Network, Connections. Towards the bottom it will list Local IPv4 address or interface, and IPv6 address or interface. Change both of these to the network adapter your VPN created. My VPN is listed as TAP v9, but it may be different for your vpn. Now tixati will only use that network adapater, and if the VPN isn't connected neither is tixati.

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