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How to remove the restriction on resizing the bottom window?

by hikikomori on 2020/01/26 04:21:15 PM    
Hi there!

Layout mode = Tab view. In header placement menu, Filter line, in middle torrents listing. In footer infotabs about current torrent: "Detail Files Trackers Peers Pieces Bandwidth Eventlog Option Comments".

I can’t arbitrarily resize these two windows: middle and footer. The bottom window has a minimum size. He is redundant. The upper block is more important to me, how to remove this restriction, let the lower one be scrolled, it's not scary.

by Guest on 2020/02/18 08:24:44 PM    
Nobody can help about this?
by ZarkBit on 2020/02/19 08:27:52 AM    
Layout -> Compact Buttons
Settings -> Widget Styles -> Toolbars -> Text Only.
With these you should gain more real state.

You can't do what you want, you either sacrifice the transfers portion or the Info portion, or get a bigger monitor.
by Pete on 2020/02/19 04:31:23 PM    
I think you should try the Tree View instead. It is great to view long transfers list. You can expand each torrent to see trackers, files and peers. All this is configurable under Layout button.

You can also set filter and buttons both on the same line (Layout > Compact Buttons). I encourage you to experiment with different Layout settings.

For example:
by Guest on 2020/02/21 12:13:06 AM    
Use Layout -> Split DL/Seed View. Allows sliding of middle bar up and down.
by Guest on 2020/02/21 09:02:23 AM    
Sorry about my last reply. I had not noticed how radically different the bottom window becomes with the Split DL/Seed View. Yeah, the folks at Tixati really need to set up resizing the tab view bottom window. It is really rediculous.

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