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Viewing torrent details slows down torrent.

by Guest on 2020/01/22 02:39:31 PM    
When I click on a torrent, and view it's details (like it's Files tab) the torrent slows down, and when I click so that no torrent details are active for any torrent, it speeds back up.* I've done it enough times to know be fairly certain it wasn't just a fluke/one time thing.  Viewing torrent's details shouldn't slow torrents down. I still have plenty of CPU usage available. No CPU core is even near 100% usage even with the details shown.

Note: on Linux / Debain Stable
by Guest on 2020/01/22 05:34:42 PM    
what version of tixati?

do you have any of the logging turned up?

does it only happen with the files tab selected? or any tab (trackers? comments? peers?...)

do these torrents have a lot of files?

do these torrents have a lot of people? activity going on?

try running the cpu and/or memory diagnostic graphs and see what is affected when you have your torrents slow down.
by notaLamer on 2020/01/27 05:43:13 PM    
Your computer is fine.

There's a known issue that Windows 10 has much slower text drawing procedures (you can find a forum post here where users complained about slow download speeds.)

What you can do:
- close the file list
- switch to another Tixati tab (like bandwidth or DHT)
- see if closing the Tixati window works (minimize to tray)
- buy a faster CPU :)

I guess Tixati still does a lot of work on its main thread and the GUI part is on there too so anything that causes GUI to slow down (like browsing too many files or sharing links) will have a negative impact on speed

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