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Simple Feature Request (Priority Queue Related)

by morganix on 2020/01/17 06:01:43 PM    
Introduction and Praise

Hey, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love Tixati, and as someone who has used thousands of programs and applications (some just for testing purposes), I think that Tixati is without a doubt one of the most beautifully designed programs that I have ever used. The fact that it is free and doesn't show adds, has made it accessible and loved by many people, and I have used it for many years now and I'm very grateful for the love and dedication that has been put into this project by everybody involved. The attention to detail and polish that has gone into it rivals any program ever made, at least in terms of functionality and display of relevant information. It represents the absoulte best feature that any program could ever hope to achieve, and that (IMO), is to teach you about the subject and protocols that it uses, simply by using and understanding the software. The majority of knowledge I have gained over the years regarding trackers, the bitorrent protocol, IP resolution and listening, sending and recieving states I have learned simply by using this software. Thank you very much.

Actual feature Request

When I first went to use the priority queue years ago, it blew my mind how many groups were availible, certainly enough for any situtation, and far more than most people probably care to have. However, the more I use it, the more limited it seems. The feature I request is an option in settings to set a numerical value, lets say 20 for example, that would then allow priority download of torrent files using a scale of 1-20 instead of the default setting. I'm currently downloading a 516GB torrent that is over 11 years old with only a few remaining seeds (THANK YOU SEEDERS!), but with 68,000 files, I am finding the current set of priority options to be entirely inadequate for any such purpose. While I continue to review the torrent in the files tab (Thank you by the way, for such an elegant file view, with colapsing directory structures!), I find many files that are very important for the subject I'm researching, but I cannot continue to add them to any meaning queue because it will only saturate it with thousands of additional files, and if I'm unable to complete the download for any reason, I will be left with thousands of incomplete files instead of having completed them in a meaningful order.


I understand that this is not a priority feature, nor is it a bug, and it does not hinder my use of the program or anyone elses, as it still offers the best solution even in this area (that I am aware of), but I feel it would greatly enhance the program for people who find themselves in a similar situation. Thank you for creating such an amazing program, and thank you for reading my request.

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