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Help 300 MB  upload & 300 Download

by tipitao on 2020/01/15 03:56:57 AM    
Hi could you help me to config speed on Tixiati? I have 300 MB simetric conection. Actually i have configured 26.000 KB/s Douwnload and 1.000 Kb/s upoload. All other paremeters is by default.

by notaLamer on 2020/01/27 05:58:53 PM    
What is there to config? It works fine for my out of the box. Maybe you'll want to increase the limit for simultaneous active torrents and peers in settings. The Auto Limit settings are totally on you, the default rules will work okay but you need to set your "safe ping" that, if reached, will automatically slow down transfers and the IP to be pinged.

Check this out just in case:
PS: You have 300 MBit/s down/up, that's 300/8=37.5 MB/s. I don't think you will find many or any single torrent that will get you this speed.

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