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Tixati takes a lot of time to initialize files of exFAT partitio

by xtemp09 on 2020/01/12 12:48:42 AM    
It would be better if Tixati would use the following command to create files:

fsutil file createnew <name of file> <size in bytes>

The command creates files almost immediately.
by Napsterbater on 2020/01/16 01:09:16 AM    
Have you check/changed the settings at:

Settings -> Transfers -> Files -> File Allocation

Sparse Files will be the fastest, but may cause additional fragmentation.
by xtemp09 on 2020/01/16 01:19:15 AM    
Yes, but Tixati allocates immediately on NTFS and FAT32 partitions, but allocation on exFAT takes time. This command for creating files creates files instantly.

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