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Tixati Linux x64 2.66 Bug

by Guest on 2020/01/11 09:06:08 AM    
Regardless of the random port interval setting, the port still changes a couple times per day, even when set to Never.

I have a specific port I need tixati to use but after trying everything tixati still changes the port after a few hours of operation.
by Guest on 2020/01/11 11:39:55 AM    
That never happens to me. I'm on Linux and on the same Tixati version. Check your settings and make sure you have random port interval set to never.
by Guest on 2020/01/14 05:07:09 AM    
As I said, it is set to Never. Roasted the config to start fresh, it still changes the port a couple times per day set to Never. There is currently no way I can find of setting a static port and it not changing itself.

I wrote a perl script that runs a few times per day and sets the port right again for the time being but this ofcourse is not a solution.

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