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Feature Request:

by TixZone on 2020/01/09 08:01:00 PM    

After putting a specific label in the “Description” column of the “Transfer View”, can that description be linked to a file folder where the transfer can be sent?

Transfers can be downloaded to that specific file location w/o having to change the download location, or use “Move On Complete” before starting the download.

A “Link Description?” in the dropdown menu can manage the download’s file location.  Changing a description can offer changing that torrent file’s location also.

FYI – I have a multitude of torrent files located in different folders over 3 HDDs.  Having to remember and locate their respective folders becomes a nuisance.
by notaLamer on 2020/01/27 06:09:39 PM    
I can't comprehend what you want to achieve. You have categories with their own locations too. If you need to open a torrent's folder you right click then Local files then Open Folder.
Please explain a little better

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