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Interaction between scheduler and auto-shutdown

by Guest on 2020/01/04 10:02:29 AM    
I have a two tasks setup in the scheduler. One is Start All Transfers, scheduled for 3:10 AM daily. The other is Stop All Transfers at 6AM daily.
I also have Auto-Shutdown set as Close when all downloads are complete.

At some point during the day I'll add a download, manually start to get the data, then stop it.

When I check in the morning, Tixati has closed and there is no downloaded file. It appears that the stopped torrent allows the auto-shutdown to take effect.

What's going on?
Perhaps I should turn off auto-shutdown and just add a stop seeding task at 6AM? (The driver behind the schedule is that I'm on satellite internet which is metered with strict quotas except between 3AM and 6AM which is unmetered. )
by Guest on 2020/02/10 01:42:04 PM    

Start_all_transfers           - Daily @ 0:20 - Start Xfers

Auto-Shutdown_all_DL_complete - Daily @ 0:25 - ASD:Close

Stop_all_transfers            - Daily @ 7:55 - Stop Xfers

Close_Tixati_immediately      - Daily @ 8:00 - Close

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