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Batch manual peer adding

by artenox on 2020/01/03 02:51:20 AM    
Tixati, unlike qBittorrent and uTorrent, doesn't remember peers after restart. Sometimes this is required in order to not re-enable DHT or if tracker has become unavailable or peer is not announced, but connected directly by IP.

Therefore I often copy list of peers from "Peers" tab and paste them into "Comments" tab. Comments is a very useful tab. But, unfortunately, inserting peers from "Comments" tab into "Settings-Peers-Manually add peer" is very inconvenient. It requires to insert one at a time and in addition insert port separately.
For comparison, there is a batch insert of peers in qBittorrent, but there is no "Comments" tab instead.

Could you make a more convenient manual peer adding?

I'm thinking now, maybe you don't do it so that people don't abuse this feature, maybe to prevent DDoS?
by notaLamer on 2020/01/05 07:58:13 PM    
If I'm not mistaken, Settings-DHT-Bootstrap Nodes should work. Torrent peers are the same as DHT nodes and that list is persistent. So after startup those favourite peers will be added first? Try it out.

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