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Need an upload only setting

by Guest on 2019/12/31 02:13:15 AM    
I want to add to my seed ratio (on private tracker with UL Ratio Rules) without downloading more files on a huge (1000+ file in a single directory) partially downloaded torrent.

Can I seed the stuff I have without turning off unfinished files one by one, or having to download the remaning blocks of the entire torrent?
by Pete on 2019/12/31 10:10:38 AM    
In order to do that, set all files inside that torrent to OFF (select > right click > Priority > Off). The torrent will show 0% completion but it will seed already downloaded pieces just fine.
by Guest on 2019/12/31 06:19:25 PM    
Can I select multiple files and do them all at the same time? (If not can it be added as a feature?)

It would take me a good hour or so to do them one by one.
by Pete on 2020/01/01 03:09:29 AM    
Yes, ctrl+a will select all, shift-select also works, then right click > Priority > Off.

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