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Upgrading Tixati on debian systems

by absentia on 2019/12/30 08:49:08 AM    
Hi, I'm trying to upgrading Tixati from version 2.64 to 2.66 on my Ubuntu 19.10.

However, after I installed the debian file and run Tixati it Gui says I'm still running version 2.64.
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So, I purged Tixati a tried to install again.
The issue continues.

There are no command line help.

Anyone knows how can I upgrade and run the latest version?
by Pete on 2019/12/31 10:20:06 AM    
Hello. I used Tixati on various Ubuntu distributions and Debian 9-10. So far I just installed the new version from a deb file without removing previous version. Purge is not a good idea, it will most likely erase all settings. However if it persists after purging, I guess Tixati is still installed. How the 2.64 version was installed?
by absentia on 2020/03/14 09:56:16 PM    
Hi Pete,

I usually download the .def file from tixati`s site and use Ubuntu Software to install dependencies.
by absentia on 2020/03/14 10:43:32 PM    
I just see after restarting fix the problem.

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