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No More System Tray Icon in Gnome 3.34+, breaking any notificati

by hcbd on 2019/12/28 02:12:00 PM    
System Tray Icons are completely broken in Gnome 3.34+ (on purpose)

The default install of Fedora 31 now comes with Gnome 3.34+ and by default the wayland display server.
This combination has completely eleminated the system tray for program icons by design.
Read about it here:

This makes the Tixati system tray option completely useless,
including it's notifications and the status it provides for channels, private, forum and contact messages.

Also the notification sounds are not working anymore

As i see it, there are a few options:

1. do nothing (ifso please disable the option to enable a system tray icon when using gnome)

2. send stuff thru libnotify (incl. for example: there are new messages in channel x, in forum x or from user x), i'm afraid this will clutter up the notification area.

3. an API, so anyone can write a simple gnome extention to show channel, forum, message status (maybe more, but if only for the chat would be nice)

4. something else i can't think of?

Thank you for this great software (still the best linux torrentdownloader with GUI/options)

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