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Bandwidth outgoing limit on a selected torrent doesnt affects th

by Guest on 2019/12/26 03:35:38 PM    
If i select a torrent then apply an outgoing bandwidth limit to that torrent, the speed doesn't change.
by jeps92 on 2019/12/30 12:03:22 PM    
Just wanted to confirm this annoyance.
Happy New Year
by Pete on 2019/12/31 10:04:13 AM    
It works OK when global upload and download limits are set.
by jeps92 on 2019/12/31 11:11:44 AM    
You are right.
When global limiter is enabled everything is back to normal, sell sort of back to normal.

Actually, I have used Tixati's overall limiter for a long time.
Bit with Tixati version 2.66 it is not working as good on my system, I find version 2.64 to work much better.

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