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Can I run multiple portable instances of Tixati?

by Guest on 2014/04/08 08:43:39 AM    
I'd like to run multiple portable instances of Tixati from different directories or disks on the same computer and at the same time, so I'd like to have the first instance of Tixati download torrents from one specific tracker and another instance from another tracker, etc.. is this possible? Thanks, Koutsouveli
by Guest on 2014/06/25 01:54:39 AM    
I have Windows 8.1 and I have many user accounts only to run different Tixati processes. I have 7 terabytes, 3000 torrents, that I share 24/7 all at once because I have constant 50mbit upload bandwidth (and fast CPU and 16gb DDR3). Sharing 3000 torrents at once with one Process is impossible, so I run 5 Tixatis, each sharing 600 torrents. I have different portable Tixati folders for each Tixati.

If thats too complicated (it isnt, switching users is easy and fast) you can always just try to run different portable Tixatis in one user account. I think that it isnt possible, but if it is (or if you use many user account method) remember to change incoming port for each Tixati and folder settings.

I use Tixati for sharing, because it is the fastest software for uploading torrents and magnets :) About 40mbits avarage upload speed in the last two years. I just hope that there would be ways to optimize Advanced Socket Settings, and other Tixati settings, for maximum upload. Those settings should be documented. For 23 of 24 hours all my bandwidth and sixcore Core I7 and 16gb of memory could be used by Tixati to maximize upload speed and spreading of information and knowledge :)
by Bugmagnet on 2014/06/26 02:33:01 PM    
I applaud you guest2
and a little envious of a 50 mb/s UL BW... 50 times my official ISP level.
by crashnburn on 2020/05/11 07:53:06 AM    
Is this possible now?

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