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Sharing files between two computers

by Jakub on 2019/12/15 04:44:15 PM    

I would like to ask you how to share files between two computers. I did create torrent file and I did send torrent file over to my Dad (He lives in different country)
He opened torrent in via Tixati, but Downloading status is still on "0"...
I tried to open this torrent file on me secondary PC at home and I downloaded everything without any issue.

Any chance to explain, step by step, how to share files between two computers on different network with Tixati software?

Thank you

best regards

by Guest on 2019/12/16 10:49:54 AM    
Hey Jake, I don't know what you want to share, but keep in mind that Tixati is a Bittorrent client. Bittorrent is designed for sharing between multiple computers, and due to current the protocol specifications, it is not suitable for sharing private files.
If you just want to securely share between two computers only, I'd rather recommend Jami or OnionShare

With that said, in Tixati go to the torrent's options, Peers, Manually add peer, and there you can enter your dad's IP address (or he can enter yours). If you can't connect to each other that way, you likely have a problem with port forwarding.
by notaLamer on 2019/12/18 12:06:41 AM    
Hm I didn't find anything about Jami file sharing. Wiki says only "streaming audio and video files during call." OnionShare will work over Tor without port forwarding but it means your dad also needs to run Tor browser to download (it works like a small private web server).

SyncThing requires port forwarding. I think Resilio (formerly BitTorrentSync) works without it, but it isn't great for performance/memory consumption though will be A okay for a couple files. Maybe you can consider Firefox Sync (and split up files through .rar or .7z archives)

I just wanted to say that Bittorrent/Tixati while not designed to specifically help and workaround things to share files privately between 2 user PCs - it will work fine. The only thing you need to fix is port forwarding, on at least one side. Then add the other side to the peer list (IP:port) so the clients will connect.

Without port forwarding if someone knocks on your IP:port from the outside, he is discarded and the program will never know a connection attempt happened. That's because your router doesn't know who to forward the incoming connection to - you could have hundreds of devices on the local network. If your router allows and you also have a "white IP" (you are the only user of your ISP on that IP), you will need to set up port forwarding. This will look like "external Port -> local IP:port" - your local address and port will need to stay the same from now on, so you don't have to reconfigure each time something changes. Then you set Tixati to only listen on that port.

If this is done on either side, you should be able to connect to the other side. Adding the peer manually is faster than using a public torrent tracker to discover each other, but can be done too.
by Guest on 2019/12/18 10:21:52 AM    
Jakub ->You should use Fopnu to share files with your Dad.

-both of you download and run fopnu.
-one of you makes a channel. the channel can be private or public. (this page will help:  )
-whoever made the channel, right click the channel in the chat window and select 'copy link'. now send that link to the other person through email or however you want.
-now they add the channel to their fopnu and start the channel.

or you can both enter the same channel and if you know each others name contact each other that way.

be sure to add each other to your contacts list. it will be easier to find each other in the future.

this page will help with sharing files publicly and privately:
by Guest on 2019/12/21 05:11:29 PM    
Hi All,

Thank you for reply. I tried to set up Tixati as per above but for some reason didn't work. But, Fopnu is amazing peace of software!!!! Simple and speed is incredible! Thank you very much for your time and help. Have a lovely day, guys!!! Best regards Jakub

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