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GUI performance

by Guest on 2019/11/30 11:32:48 AM    
Hi, first I want to say thank you to devs for making such great software, IMO best torrent client. Keep up this great work!

However, I have one issue with it. I noticed that when I have Tixati GUI opened my transfer (upload/download) can go really low. From 6 to 1-2MB/s for example. The more info it presents (like Details/Pieces tab) the more it impacts CPU usage. Using diagnostic it is clear GUI is at least 2x as CPU hungry as other parts of Tixati (network, DHT etc) and make even more calls to CPU.

So my question is: can there be something optimized in Tixati GUI so to make it less CPU hungry? So it will reduce CPU load and thus not impact transfer speed. Maybe devs are already working on this issue?


Screenshot from Diagnostic:

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