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Files are created with sparse attribute regardless of file alloc

by eterkj on 2019/11/28 07:09:38 AM    
While "fast allocate" method takes more time to allocate files (than with "sparse"), that files are still sparse, and are very fragmented after downloading. I completely removed torrent with files, set file allocation to full prewrite, then add it back - it takes much longer to allocate but files created still have sparse flag. Maybe it is an old bug, because I found this topic (  ) with similar problem.
by Guest on 2019/11/28 04:24:22 PM    
what OS and what version of Tixati?

it all seems to work correctly on linux, version 2.64.
by eterkj on 2019/11/29 02:21:00 AM    
I should have done it in first message.
Windows 10 version 1909, 64-bit
Tixati 2.64 64-bit
Also I tried rebooting and using another HDD volume but it didn’t help.
by eterkj on 2019/12/02 05:58:44 AM    
I compared Tixati allocation with µTorrent one.
Same torrent (~24 GB nearly all in one file), same NTFS volume (44% full), pre-allocation enabled in µTorrent, "fast allocate" in tixati.
Right after allocation: Tixati - 2957 fragments (sparse flag present), µTorrent - NO fragmentation (and no sparse flag). Fragment count observed via Defraggler.

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