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Being Blocked

by djson on 2019/11/23 06:50:23 AM    
Hi i'm new here, been using Tixati at my library for years.

They had some work done last month, and now Tixati does not work, just stops, does not connect. looks like it is going too, but never does.

Other downloads work, like podcasts from radio.

Youtube downloader still working fine.

Seems like they have blocked Torrent client?

Any ideas.

by Guest on 2019/11/23 10:23:57 PM    
The easiest solution is to use a VPN or  proxy if that's not blocked. I would assume they are blocking common bittorrent ports such as 6969. If you can't use a VPN or proxy, you could get a seedbox and download from it. The problem isn't specific to Tixati. I can understand why they wanted to block bittorrent traffic. I doubt they are using DPI to block bittorrent traffic. It's probably just on a port and protocol basis. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to block all UDP traffic except for DNS.

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