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Feature request : Priority by file order

by Doriphor on 2013/08/12 11:53:37 PM    
When downloading lots of files in a single torrent, it's sometimes very useful to prioritize the first, then the second, etc, it would be ideal if one could just select them all, right click, and prioritize them automatically by file order (top to bottom)

Edit : fine grained priorities would help in this case too :)
by Guest on 2013/08/16 05:31:16 PM    
I've wanted this feature for ages. It's really helpful when downloading objects in a series, because the later files are essentially useless without the previous ones. Sorting the files by hand can be anywhere from a pain to practically impossible depending on how many of them there are.
by Guest on 2013/08/25 05:18:18 PM    
I concur, this is a very useful feature indeed. Simply aping uTorrent in this regard would be enough.
by Guest on 2014/02/01 05:18:55 PM    
This would be super useful. As described by OP.
by nnq2603 on 2014/02/02 04:35:36 AM    
This feature considered bad in some aspects.

● It threatens to kill smaller swarms due to piece starvation
● It severely limits the set of peers interested in each other, thus degrades swarm-wide and local performance
● It gets the client into endgame-mode like conditions towards the end of each file, thus slowing down the download

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